Vol. 3 No. 2 September 2005
Acacia Mangium Willd as Structural Components
W. Ouypornprasert, Supawadee Boonyachut and Sutja Boonyachut
Crack Width Due to Corroded Bar in Reinforced Concrete Structures
C.Q. Li, W. Lawanwisut, J.J. Zheng and W. Kijawatworawet
Doped MgAl2O4 Spinel Screen Print Thick Film as Sensing Material for Humidity Measurement
Apirat Laobuthee, Nattamon Koonsaeng, Bussarin Ksapabutr, Manop Panapoy and Chatchai Veranitisagul
Time Dependent Reliability Analysis of the Serviceability of Corrosion Affected Concrete Structures
Chun Qing Li
Vol. 4 No. 1 March 2006
Methodology for Incorporating Human and Organizational Factors in Risk Analysis for Offshore Installations
T. Aven, S. Hauge, S. Sklet and J.E. Vinnem
Perspectives on Risk Acceptance Criteria and Management for Offshore Applications Application to a Development Project
T. Aven, J.E. Vinnem and F. Vollen
Optimum Maintenance of a System under two Types of Failure
F.G. Bad?a and M.D. Berrade
Reliability and Availability Evaluation of Large Renewal Systems
A. Blokus
Development of Risk Criteria in Nuclear Power Plants Problems and Solutions
M. ?epin
Stochastic Petri Nets Supporting Dynamic Reliability Evaluation
D. Codetta-Raiteri and A. Bobbio
Simulation Tests of Injection System Reliability
M. Dziubi?ski, J. Czarnigowski and A. Nieoczym
An Assessment of Ship Impact on the Ground during Maneuvering in a Port Water Area
W. Galor
Vol. 5 No. 1 March 2007
Properties of NR/EPDM Blends with or without Methyl Methacrylate-Butadiene-Styrene (MBS) as a Compatibilizer
W. Arayapranee and G. L. Rempel
Reliability Based Asset Management Strategy for Concrete Infrastructure
L. Shao and C.Q. Li
Numerical Simulation of the Dynamic Breakage Testing of Sandstone
P.Vanichkobchinda, D.J. Reddish, L.R. Stace and D.N. Whittles
Influence of Uncertainties in Structural Resistance on Glulam Girder Design
P. Ngamcharoen, W. Ouypornprasert and S. Boonyachut

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