The project was initiated by Bridges Construction Bureau, and was awarded to IMMS Co., Ltd. at the end of September 2005. The essence of the project was to verify the current conditions of overall The Department of Highways’ bridges in various types, ages, and traffic densities that are capable of safely carrying 26-Ton 3-Axled Thai trucks or equals.                     

            The challenge of the project is not only to complete all the studies in an extremely limited time, 8 months, including the comprehensive bridge inspection, load testing and evaluation in compliance with the research done by internationally well-known institutes for randomly selected 31 bridges throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, but also to provide and organize fully extended 12-day seminars for DOH’s officers on concrete bridges and pertinent subjects with publishing of 3 bridge manuals;  Bridge Inspection and Evaluation Manual, Bridge Repair and Maintenance Manual, and Bridge Strengthening Manual. The project also included a smaller-scaled laboratory testing with pertinent analytical evaluation for shear keys and shear connectors of plank and box girder bridges.

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