Due to the increase of allowable service loads of each train-container axle from 15 tons (U.15) to 20 tons (U.20) designated by the State Railway of Thailand, SRT, and the fact that numerous bridges had been used for a long period of time causing wear, tear, fatigue, fractures, and rust to the structures, of which might require major rehabilitation and additional reinforcement to stabilize bridges, IMMS, as a national leader in structural design and retrofit, was awarded by SRT to provide comprehensive services.

The services included

(1) perform visual inspection
(2) categorize bridges to minimize the work
(3) generate bridge database format by using the approach of IMMS Bridge Management System, BMS
(4) perform actual load test

create computerized model by Finite Element Method, FEM
(6) perform load-carrying capacity assessment of bridges
(7) determine remaining life of bridges

provide bridge reinforcement as required for U.20 loading
(9) provide the cost estimate for the rehabilitation
(10) perform the economic analysis; benefit per cost ratio, Economic Internal Rate of Return, EIRR, etc.
(11) provide national bridge rehabilitation plan and procedure. The total lump sum fee of this project is 25,989,230 baht.

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