Bridge Health Monitoring (BHM) System is one of the innovative and reliable systems for diagnostic monitoring and evaluating the bridge actual conditions. The BHM system will enable monitoring of overall bridge integral behavior, as well as degradation of critical structural components during bridge normal operation for immediate decision making or the bridge long-term performance assessment.                

           In 2002, IMMS Co., Ltd. was awarded by the Department of Public Works, which afterward became the Department of Rural Roads (DOR), to develop the BHM System for three large-scaled bridges crossing the Chao Phraya River, which are the Memorial (Rama I), Pinklao and Taksin Bridges. In 2006, IMMS Co., Ltd. was also awarded to install the BHM system for the Pra Pokklao (Rama VII) bridge with more advanced devices and application systems.

            With the application of BHM system, bridge structural responses, i.e. deformation or vibration, can be readily detected and quickly analyzed and/or evaluated. Under unexpected or serious situations, i.e. traffic overloading, excessive impact loading, unpredictable wind (gust) or earthquake loading, etc., the system will wirelessly transmit signals in real time and display bridge locations found critical to the remotely-located workstation for immediate measures, such as bridge closing, weigh or speed limit posting, as well as for long-term strategic planning, such as bridge rehabilitation or strengthening, to protect against progressive damages.



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